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seperation of state and fandom

i will not rest until you hav provided me with a way to purchase those sunglasses you are wearing in that photoset of 6 selfies pls tell me you can provide im

urban outfitters, but i got them last sept and they’re not there anymore. i know this because i left them in nyc in the hotel and brittany picked them up for me… so now they are in arkansas… i went to go buy another pair and they are long gone. :| i’ll get them from her eventually 

dsjgkDHkghDFJGHDFJGH I found these old “OOTD’s” - remember when I used to do this? Before “LA Style” (aka black jeans, white t-shirt, top knot, Marc Jacobs handbag, natural makeup) was embedded into me… I should start doing this again. Emily will be around to take full body pictures now.

people wanted to see my hair when i had the ‘ryhawk’ and i realized i have like zero good pictures of it. this is the best i could do. circa 2007.

sunday! off to Hollywood to get some groceries at whole foods + will probably stop at zara/sephora/a bubble tea place to treat myself. 💅